martes, 22 de agosto de 2017


Hi everyone!

I am totally new at this issues so I do hope to do it well. I have been in Newcastle Upon Tyne for two days. The trip was so long but finally I arrived to Newcastle 1 which is actually my home (it is a students residence). Everything was ok apart from little details which has already been solved. In addition, my flatmates are so kind and they helped me every time I request whatever :)

To start with, I would like to speak about my academy. Its name is International House and now I perfectly understand the name. There are people from many countries but to be concise, in my classroom there are teachers from Latvia and Italy. They are all just starting in CLIL methodology. The Italian teachers are part of the Erasmus+ project but they have never gone to a foreing school as we do in Jaby School ( we are the best ones of course ;) )

The course is been so interesting. I am learning lots of things such as key vocabulary but for me the most important thing is to learn how to break with the traditional idea we have about a bilingual system. CLIL doesn't mean to get traditional mother tongue lessons into a non-native language ones. CLIL is much more than that. It is how to integrate content and language demands where is also crucial to take into account what they call the 4C: content, communication, cognition, culture.

Last but not less important, I have had short time to visit some places in the city. However, I hope I can go tomorrow evening as today has been a very busy day. I attach some photos. Newcastle is a very nice city, plenty of students. There is a cinema in the main square which is called "green scream" as they are in a park.

I really appreciate the opportunity of being here. It would be amazing in order to achieve the model of teacher I would like to be. There is always lots of thing to learn from you and the others.

Best wishes,


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