viernes, 27 de abril de 2018

Fifth and last day, DLG and overview on Estonian educational system

First of all we did a gamified quiz to remember what we saw yesterday and introduce new elements, reflecting and discussing about every answer we gave. After that, Mr. Siallots gave us a more detailed overview of the digital learning games creation process. Then, as we did yesterday, teamwork experience: workshop designing a gamification in groups and discussion to improve the teams proposals.


Between the lunch and the last session I was invited by my colleagues Panagiota Argyri (Greek delegation) to participate in a Scientix on line meeting about STEM and Erasmus + (in the framework of the STEM Discovery Week). Unfortunately the WiFi connection wasn’t quite good and our devices couldn’t support the streaming with enough quality. My colleague and the Scientix team decided to record a video instead of streaming as was scheduled. You can see the recording with our brief intervention by clicking in the image below. 

The last session was in charge or professor Mart Laanpere, who gave us an overview of the Estonian educational system. These are some insights that I would like to remark:
  • In Estonia education is a religion and internet access is considered a Human right. 
  • They learn from Finnish educational system and now they raise them in many fields according to PISA results. 
  • They invest a lot of money in education, but has a some difficult problems: for example, the teacher’s average age is 47 (but with the highest education).
  • As Finnish, Estonians focuses a lot in meta cognition skills. 
  • Estonian parents trust in teachers, although they don’t have the same recognition level as Finnish.
  • They’re now developing  BYOD national program, because they don’t have enough budget to buy an iPad to each student but 90% has their own one. 

I expended my last evening in Tallin visiting the most remarkable monuments of the city, of course. After that I went with some colleagues (Greece, Croatia, Spain) to have dinner to celebrate a kind of goodbye party, because most of us (me included) will not assist tomorrow to the augmented reality tour across Tallin. 

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