miércoles, 25 de abril de 2018

Wednesday, the third and transition day

We attended today at a group that investigates and compares games in the University of Helsinki. There We join a video conference call (via Google Hangouts) with Pasi Touminen, chief of Verke national centre of expertise for digital youth work in Finland.

He underlined that it’s important for teachers to recognize that this video game phenomenon will not decrease, but will probably grow more and more. So this represents an key social impact on education that it´s necessary to integrate it in our teaching skills. 


Gamers usually have few social skills, so this group trains youth people that needs to develop it by: talking about their common passion, partnership, SomeCamp, MOOCs and sessions as part of larger training events. As result of their work, they produces paper and digital publications, blogs, vlogs, podcast, etc...

In the second part of the morning we expend the time on testing one of the games that the crew of TeachingGaming showed to us on Monday morning, and probably the most interesting one: Democracy 3. This is a microworld that allows students to see how policies has an impact on society, so this improves decision making and 21 st century skills. First we played three or four turns (more or less, depending the group) and after that discussed in pairs about our experience. I conclude that this game could be very useful in Social Science subjects to teach the impact of economical, political and social impact of some elements in the general balance of a society. 

We finished early because our ferry to Tallin (Estonia) has its departure at 16:00 and most of us needed to went our respective hotels to catch luggage before leaving Finland. 

I was very surprised because the incredibly large ferry it’s like a mall over sea, full of entertainment for almost everyone, including youngest travelers.

Once arrived to Tallin I walked from the harbor to my hotel and after that have a little walk to have my first impressions of the city before dinner.  


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