viernes, 20 de abril de 2018

5th day in Oxford. Leadership

Time to summarize what i have learnt about leadership and change these days about leadership for change. First, about leadership.

Leaders promote change and challenges, encouraging creativity and risk taking, concentrating on goals and objectives. And they do the right thing.

The attributes of an efficient leader are:

  • The guiding vision. An efficient leader knows where he want to go and how, fighting against obstacles and failures. But with the condition that te goal is achievable
  • Passion. They love what they do, they put heart and soul and that shines like a guiding star for the followers
  • Integrity. They know their limits, so they won't make a promise that can't be held
  • Honesty. No ones wants to follow a liar or an hypocrite
  • Trust. They trust in their followers and the followers trust back
  • Curiosity. Leaders are learners
  • Risk. They take calculated risks when needed to achieve the objective
  • Dedication. They put their best into their projects.
  • Charisma. Composed with love for people, sense of humour, compassion, respect and maturity
  • Listen. Listen to be listened

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